DOG PATROL: Colin Nichol

There’s never a day walking along South Beach that something doesn’t happen. It’s dog territory after all and all the more enjoyable because of their antics.  It is advisable though, to use caution when responding to their approaches, as they can be unpredictable, although often not so much as their owners.  Do you “own” a dog I wonder or is it a “partnership”, or should it be that? Some owners can be quite sniffy toward anyone wanting to respond to their dog’s greeting. Exercise discretion, but not necessarily with the dog. On a late afternoon, after a few interruptions to … Continue reading DOG PATROL: Colin Nichol


My next-door neighbour alerted me first although the others who made up the small community in our quiet cul-de-sac were already a noisy gathering close by. “Maureen has fallen and can’t get up and she’s locked herself in.” That didn’t make sense, surely she locked herself in and then fell, but it was no time for pedanticism; I had been called on to “come to the rescue”. Why me? Well, those who had gathered were elderly and mostly women and I was younger and had a reputation as a local Mr Fixit. There she was, still cheerful and joking about … Continue reading MAUREEN’S MOMENT: Colin Nichol

THE INSIDER: Danielle Berryman

Mavis wrapped her cable knit mustard yellow scarf twice around her scrawny neck, attempting to close the gaps where a chilling wind penetrated. Loose thinning curls covered by an Alaskan-rated beanie, she wished balaclavas weren’t associated with crime. Her cheeks ached with cold and she hadn’t left her house. With power bills so high, she rarely switched on her electric heater so it wasn’t much warmer inside unless she was in bed and under the covers. Sheepskin gloves and an enormous wool coat covering shabby trousers and sweater completed her ensemble. Petey was already dressed in a striking rainbow dog … Continue reading THE INSIDER: Danielle Berryman