THE TRIP: Danielle Berryman

Images of the crows persisted in Selena’s mind that long first day. Darting through her thoughts at odd moments, they gave her an air of distraction, which lingered to haunt her sleep in the stuffy motel. Black crows, feathers glistening in the haze rising from the bitumen, dined alfresco – their meal did not fight back. Cleaved in two, the ‘roo lay dead and bloody. Stark images bordered on one side by the endless grey road, on the other by the red earth.  Contrasting the carnage, sparse roadside bushes sheltered abundant bird life. Selena watched as the tiny creatures flew … Continue reading THE TRIP: Danielle Berryman


Once the sun goes down I like to hide underneath my house until dawn. This may seem rather strange but I’m fairly certain you’d have a few dark secrets of your own that people like me would find weird too; the difference is, I’m not afraid to share mine. What I am afraid of, however, is staying in my house once the sun’s gone down.  As far as I can remember, this nocturnal basement nesting started a few years ago, straight after I saw Bert Newton guest starring on Hey, Hey it’s Saturday. There he was, old Moon Face himself … Continue reading THE KEY TO THE CELLAR: Gary McHugh


Here we are, our consummation drawing closer at this precipice of our appointed time and I am frightened as this bus takes me to our secluded cabin to bring our dalliance to fruition. Exhilaration pulsing a quick second to each fearful tremor. You made yourself known to me only a few months ago and now my whole world feels driven to be all about you. You are wonderful, you are forbidding and maybe you are conspiring to have your moment with me. But I cannot lay this entirely at your feet, for as soon as our first true conversation was … Continue reading COMMUNING WITH THE MUSE: Alison Hurst


As a non-scientist and a non-engineer, it seems impossible to me that such a large chunk of steel could stay airborne.  Of course it’s the engines – and lots and lots of fuel! And the skill of the pilots. And the design of the plane. Still, as I sit in the window seat of Row 30 on my red-eye United Airlines Dreamliner from San Francisco to Sydney, I  think about my vulnerability … A feeling of panic begins to rise … and a feeling of utter loneliness, in spite of the fact there are some 285 other passengers on the plane, two sitting … Continue reading THE DREAMLINER: Terry Finch

COCKROACH: Priscilla Shorne

Jerry had gone. She had not been an easy guest and I was relieved as I walked to the car. It was hot and had been hot for days and the carpark simmered with radiated heat and the sky was a dry blue. You expected there to be dust even when there wasn’t. Jerry had given up, given in and gone home. She was not about to live a life free of constraint after all. Personally I did not care what she was going to do so long as she was not going to do it with me.  I had … Continue reading COCKROACH: Priscilla Shorne