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Month: September 2021


Colin Nichol with mixed feelings over his last mass murder THERE are no gaps in my roof, not around the sides where a rat might get in, nowhere I can find. Yet they do find a way and I’m told it’s because they have the ability to squeeze, to push themselves through narrow gaps just like the quenda who lives behind the shed. But quendas can’t climb as rats do, so there’s no confusion as to which thumps around in the roof space at night, but not lately. Those terrible… Read more RATTLED BY RATTUS RATTUS: Colin Nichol

HELENA’S HOUSE: Danielle Haigh

Like its owner the house had endured a difficult life, fraught with violence amongst the normal wear and tear of age. While sometimes a screw would work its way out, or paint would peel, other places carried the scars of kicks, punches and lost tempers. Helena loved her damaged little home, even more now she was alone under its roof. But she was getting older and the home’s needs were beyond her income and abilities. Saucepans caught rainwater in the spare room all winter and required emptying at least once… Read more HELENA’S HOUSE: Danielle Haigh