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Roger Garwood

Roger Garwood started his career in Fleet Street and was a staff member of The Daily Mail (London) prior to joining the French news magazine Paris Match.

He now works as a freelance reporter and photographer, mainly in SE Asia and Australia. His work has appeared in magazines including National Geographic, The Sunday Times (London), Time, Newsweek, Stern and other European and Australian magazines.

In partnership with Trish Ainslie he published several books which deal with traditional Australian lifestyles. His work is in the collections of The National Library, The Australian National Gallery, The National Gallery of Victoria, The Art Gallery of Western Australia, The State Library of Western Australia and private collections.

Influences on his life stems from Somerset Maugham, Graham Greene , George Orwell. And others, in particular reading 'The Autobiography of a Super Tramp' by W H Davies. He now travels light, recording life as a free range flâneur.

He is a Fellow of the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

The Morgue: Terry Finch

Who were these people whose shrouded bodies I now see? Egyptian mummies lying in wait, neatly and tightly wrapped in white body bags stacked on stainless steel shelves.  Each body tagged – as if it were a piece of luggage. Otherwise anonymous. Genderless. It’s cold in here and I pull in my jacket and zip it up. Protection. Comfort.  What were their stories? How was their ending? Peaceful? Painful? Expected? Did it come after a long illness – perhaps a cancer which ate at their very bodies – and then… Read more The Morgue: Terry Finch