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Category: Fiction

HELENA’S HOUSE: Danielle Haigh

Like its owner the house had endured a difficult life, fraught with violence amongst the normal wear and tear of age. While sometimes a screw would work its way out, or paint would peel, other places carried the scars of kicks, punches and lost tempers. Helena loved her damaged little home, even more now she was alone under its roof. But she was getting older and the home’s needs were beyond her income and abilities. Saucepans caught rainwater in the spare room all winter and required emptying at least once… Read more HELENA’S HOUSE: Danielle Haigh

COCKROACH: Priscilla Shorne

Jerry had gone. She had not been an easy guest and I was relieved as I walked to the car. It was hot and had been hot for days and the carpark simmered with radiated heat and the sky was a dry blue. You expected there to be dust even when there wasn’t. Jerry had given up, given in and gone home. She was not about to live a life free of constraint after all. Personally I did not care what she was going to do so long as she… Read more COCKROACH: Priscilla Shorne

Blue Dust Day: Gary McHugh

“Nah, like I said mate, you would never, ever catch me riding any sort of bike without a helmet; too bloody dangerous, I value my health and safety a lot more than that.  Do you know, seven out of every ten pushbike riders have experienced some sort of serious accident, usually head-related?  Nah, always look after your body, Jerry, and it’ll look after you.  Anyway, I’ll just finish this and we’ll get cracking, eh?” He took a final, deep drag on his cigarette, flicked it into the garden and walked… Read more Blue Dust Day: Gary McHugh